White Flowers Name In Gujarati

White Flowers Name in Gujarati

Flowers Name

White flowers name in gujarati: List of All Flowers Name in Gujarati and English (ગુજરાતીમાં તમામ ફૂલોના નામોની યાદી). Here is the 5 flowers name in Gujarati (White flowers name in gujarati) Language with photos and pdf. You can find YouTube video for the flowername in Gujarati.

Flowers name in gujarati

JasmineJasmine – એક કૂલવેલ 
Crape JasmineCrape Jasmine – પ જાસ્મિન 
CamomileCamomile – કેમોલી 
Arabian JasmineArabian Jasmine – મોગરો
Cobra saffronCobra saffron – કોબ્રા કેસર

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Jasmine – એક કૂલવેલ 

Jasmine is well known for having a wonderful smell. It comes in a variety of shapes, including protected perfumes, summer vines, and delicate plants that fill your house with a floral scent. Despite having no scent, sturdy winter jasmine’s golden blossoms are prized for their vivid colours in the yard when other plants are hesitant to bloom. There are many different kinds of flowers available.

Summer jasmines flourish in warm, protected areas where they can bask in the sun. Hardy winter jasmines, on the other hand, thrive in cool locations with either full sun or moderate shade. All through the year, the delicate jasmine enjoys the warmth indoors.

Crape Jasmine – પ જાસ્મિન 

Crape jasmine is a commonly found shrub in India. It usually grows up to 6 feet in height, but it can also develop into a small tree with a slender and twisted trunk. Similar to other plants in the Oleander family, the stems release a milky latex when they are broken.

The large leaves of the crape jasmine have a shiny, deep green color and measure around 6 inches or more in length and about 2 inches in width.

Crape jasmine produces flowers in spring, but they can appear sporadically throughout the year. The blossoms are waxy and white, with five petals arranged like pinwheels. They grow in small clusters at the tips of the stems. In both north and south India, these flowers are commonly used in religious ceremonies called pooja.

Camomile – કેમોલી 

Chamomile, also known as camomile, is the general term for a group of flowers resembling daisies that belong to the Asteraceae family. Two popular species, Matricaria chamomilla and Chamaemelum nobile, are often used to create herbal infusions for drinks.

However, there is not enough scientific evidence to support the claim that consuming chamomile in food or beverages provides any health benefits.

Arabian Jasmine – મોગરો

Known scientifically as Jasminum sambac, this plant is originally from tropical Asia but is now grown in Southeast Asia and the southern regions. It has also become naturalized in Maldives, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and southern Florida.

The plant is a compact shrub that ranges from 0.5 m to 3 m in height. It is widely cultivated for its delightful flowers, which have a pleasant fragrance and can be used in the production of perfumes and teas. In Pakistan and India, it is commonly known as Mogra.

Cobra saffron – કોબ્રા કેસર

A beautiful tree native to India that retains its green foliage throughout the year. It is often planted for its lovely white flowers, which emit a delightful fragrance and are used to create perfumes. The tree also provides a dense and durable hardwood that is commonly used for railroad ties. In the past, its exceptionally hard timber was employed in the production of lances. The tree typically reaches a height of up to 13 meters and has a small to medium-sized evergreen crown. The trunk can grow up to 90 centimeters in diameter and often displays buttresses at the base. Its leaves are simple, narrow, and oblong, with a dark green color. They measure 7-15 centimeters in length and possess a whitish underside. When new leaves emerge, they appear reddish to yellowish pink and hang down. The flowers of this tree are approximately 4-7.5 centimeters in diameter and consist of four white petals surrounded by numerous yellow stamens. These flowers serve various purposes, such as being used to create incense or as stuffing for pillows in certain countries. Additionally, this tree holds the distinction of being the National tree of Sri Lanka.

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